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" Dear, Sanjeev We want to thank you so much for your excellent and sensitive awareness of our training need in your HATHA YOGA CLASS. Your attention to detail and to our old sports injuries, stiff and closed areas of our bodies, and our ages ( Dino - 76 Years, Leslie 60 years) has made our yoga practice improve quickly and safely. You have tought us seriously and safely and we have enjoyed your style and smiles. Each day we feel better and better.Thank you so much. Dino; Leslie Lampron, USA "
- Dino; Leslie Lampron, USA
" Pandey Ji, Really your are a truly amazing teacher! I have learned so much from you. You have Helped me more than I could have ever expected. Your dedication and expertise is exceptional. You have so much to offer people. You are a truly talented healer. "
- Melissa Machnee - USA
" Absolutely transforming! "
- Barbara Levine
" You may not be aware of this, but you are a really really good teacher. "
- Andy Eisner
" I am happy that you replied to my email so quickly. You have given me the feeling that I am into the right hands and all my requests would be answered. It is service such as this which makes organisations successful and I thank you very much. "
- Gregory Sutherland
" Your website should be candidate to Nobel Prize. I am simply astonished by its simplicity and efficiency. You will rank first one day! Thanks to exist! I will indicate your website as ultimate term of comparison. "
- Alessandro Gattinoni
"Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for people with health challenges. Yoga therapists prescribe specific regimens of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to suit individual needs. Medical research shows that Yoga therapy is among the most effective complementary therapies for several common ailments. The challenges may be an illness, a temporary condition like pregnancy or childbirth, or a chronic condition associated with old age or infirmity."
- Karan
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